BearkerScipio Biofuels Inc. is a privately owned corporation founded in 2008, registered in California, and headquartered in Orange County CA.

From the very beginning, as we developed our company and technology, our motto has been "Go Big or Go Home." With that idea, we have developed the comprehensive, continuous flow technology required to cultivate algae on a large commercial scale for its oil and cellulose.

The fundamental technologies of algae cultivation have been proven in the lab and in the field. The only impediment to a major full scale facility has been the lack of low cost, efficient harvesters that could operate continuously and selectively divert the most oil-saturated algae for processing. Scipio Biofuels has five harvester designs that allow our systems to operate as "factories," selectively harvesting and processing the algae as fast as the solar collector can grow it.

While our primary long term focus is the production of biofuels for the domestic market, our company plans to use our family of core technologies for bioremediation, permanent carbon sequestration, and reducing atmospheric particulates.


Biofuel Refineries:    We plan to build company-owned facilities for high volume production of mono-species algae oils for industrial refineries; these refiners will, in turn, convert the oils to biofuels for the transportation industry.

Decentralized Demand:   We plan to build smaller scale company-owned facilities to produce algae oils and convert the oils onsite to biofuels for a targeted market. Examples would be a plant to support the fuel requirements of a rural community, an airport, or a larger trucking company.

Military Bases:   At Scipio, we consider it a priviledge and a duty to support our armed services. As our country mandates conversion to renewable fuels within the military services, we seek to partner with the DOD to build scaled on-base facilities to produce a variety of algae oils and convert them to the biofuels needed to support that base fully.

Licensees:   We welcome offers to license our systems for commercial use within the United States by operators where the application is consistent with our company vision and our need to protect our intellectual property.

Retail:   Our system and components were designed for company-owned or licensed facilities and are not available for sale. A complete "Family Size" system is currently in the very early stages of the development process.


The foundation of our company is the excellence of our technology which allows us to operate as a continuous flow algae oil "factory." Scipio Biofuels is the only company in the algae-to-biofuel industry that has a comprehensive system for the continuous high volume production of algae oil, from the solar collector thru the algae press. From start to finish, there are no queues or batch processing. We can process the algae as fast as our solar collector can grow it. In addition to this capability, our system has multiple proprietary features to maximize growth of the algae circulating in the solar collector.

While our system was designed to set the standard for optimal growth and yield, it was also designed for cost containment in construction and operation. From our choice of materials and suppliers, to our choice of facility location, and our operations management philosophy, our approach has been to grow as much as possible at the lowest cost possible - while staying true to our vision of the kind of company we want to be and the role we see for ourselves in the biofuel industry.


In order to accomplish these results, you have to start with the basics Scipio possesses:

We have devised safe, energy efficient ways to make bio-jet fuel, biodiesel, and bio-gasoline at or very near their point of use. Decentralized production of finished fuels is attainable virtually anywhere a few key renewable resources are available. Because the fuel requirements of a given community vary with the seasons, we can provide the specific fuels needed in a given region at any time of year.